What is #MindVine?

MindVine Logo#MindVine is the social media home of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores), a public teaching hospital which provides a range of specialized assessment and treatment services to those living with complex and serious mental illness.

#MindVine connects visitors with the social media platforms utilized by Ontario Shores and provides opinions, information and updates on issues and activities impacting all aspects of mental health care.

At its core, #MindVine is a hangout which encourages conversation on the topics of #mentalhealth, #mentalillness and the #stigma which often prevents people from reaching out for help.

Contributors to #MindVine include Ontario Shores’ professionals and experts in mental health care from various areas of the hospital along with members of the Communications and Public Affairs team. People with lived experience, those who have struggled or cared for family members struggling with mental illness, will also be contributing to #MindVine through blog posts and participation in social media events.

#MindVine is also our hashtag. If you are connecting with us through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram, include #MindVine in posts and comments to participate in the conversation.

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