Campaign Highlights Recovery and the Work of Ontario Shores

Ontario Shores is about people.

Our staff and volunteers are both passionate and compassionate when it comes to supporting people living with mental illness. As for the people we serve? Well, they are no different than you and I.

Mental illness does not care about how you were raised, what education you have earned or how much money you make. Mental illness does not discriminate. 

The fact that mental illness can impact everyone is currently front and centre of our awareness, which launched last month during Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Perhaps you’ve spotted the ‘My Mental Illness Didn’t Stop Me’ campaign artwork on billboards, subway and GO Train cars, movie screens as well as radio and newspaper advertisements. The campaign features the recovery stories of Kevin, a technical writer, Jennifer, a teacher, Cody, a refrigeration mechanic, and Chelsea, a student.

These are real people who struggled with mental illness and received the support they needed at Ontario Shores to move forward in life. They are also exceptionally brave and proud to take on the stigma associated with mental illness so they can help others who are struggling.

It is clear word is getting out about the people we help and the life-changing and compassionate work being done at Ontario Shores. People are beginning to hear, too, about the research, education and advocacy initiatives we undertake to advance the mental health care system.

These are exciting times in the field of mental health. We’re reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and using technology in innovative ways to improve access to treatment —and achieving better outcomes than ever before for some of our most vulnerable citizens. 

With the support of our donors, Ontario Shores is bringing discovery, recovery and new hope to people with mental illnesses, to their loved ones and to our communities.

But there is so much more to be done. And we can’t do it alone. I invite you to be part of our vision. A vision that ensures that we can continue to help other people like Kevin, Jennifer, Chelsea and Cody – so that mental illness doesn’t stop them either. 

The future of mental health affects us all and never before has philanthropy had a more essential role to ensure that Ontario Shores can change people’s lives through compassionate patient care and innovative research and teaching – now and in the future.

Visit us to donate or learn more about our campaign.