The Rewards of Giving Back

It has been an exciting time for me as I transition to my new role at Ontario Shores.  I am new to the hospital but not new to the medical community and seeing individuals, both clinical and non-clinical, help others in many different ways is amazing to witness.

The work we do through the Foundation is very rewarding. As conduits, we connect those who want to show they care with opportunities for them to help others.  Together, we are creating hope for many and that is meaningful.

It is the work to help others build meaningful futures on their recovery journey that so many individuals want to support.  They are playing a role in changing lives and that is why they continue to support.

This culture of giving is not just limited to writing a cheque.  In fact, the days of cheque-book philanthropy are over.  Those who give, give of their time and energy and are deeply connected to the cause they support.

We are continuing to develop this culture of giving in our different circles. Whether it is in an environment where there are corporate donations made and fundraisers held, or in our own individual lives where we financially help make the change we want to see in the world in which we live.  In every case, the feedback is that the benefits are mutual.

We have seen how the power of “we” can make a huge difference and know that we are stronger when we come together to make a difference.

This tremendous sense of well-being that is created in the givers who feel they are contributing to something larger than themselves is contagious.

We only have to look at the stories that we have heard coming out of the participants in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon who have described that they are better because they are giving back to see this.  Their stories can be read on #MindVine.

There are still ways you can give back this year, whether it is through supporting a walk or run or sharing your story.
Join us as we continue to move forward, creating hope for so many on their recovery journey.